About us.

How Tolong works?


A Tolong user can be an individual or a business who is seeking to connect with part timers and freelancers in skilled or unskilled physical work (blue collar work).


A Tolong helper is in search of work that is flexible as well as one-off jobs. We provide basic skills training via seminars and workshops organised by our company.


Why choose Tolong?

Real-time traceability

We understand the frustrations of no-shows. Each approved job request offers you a tracking tool for the duration of the job.

Reliability Rating

A rating system for helpers help businesses make informed decisions and correct hires when requesting for help.

No-fuss simplicity

We only seek answers to important questions by avoiding complicated interviews in favour for a simpler, streamlined approach.

Customer Support

People are our greatest investments. If you have a question or an issue that needs solving, our Tolong team is here to help.